Sunday, January 05, 2014

New Year's 2014 update

I haven't been updating this blog for quite some time.  Prioritizing has become more of a struggle, the bigger my life has become.  So easy it is to forget the little big things.  Or is it the big little things?  Big is the noun, so it's little big things.  A parent recording his thoughts and feelings about his children, so that he might later reflect upon and / or share these things - this is a little big thing.

That said, I can't and won't commit to updating this again frequently.  I know better.  I want to do so, but I want and need to do 1,000 things.  We'll see.  I know I'd love to have this to read when I'm 70 and the kids are too busy with their own families to share their time as much as I might like.  Some good things to share also with them as they raise their own kids.  Maybe a few things here to share at their weddings.  ;-)

The only reason I'm updating this at all is that I noticed that someone / something had been blogging Indonesian stats on football (soccer) matches on this account!  Feels so violating, to see that crap.  How dare they do that to my little family blog!  Well, it wasn't personal.

I forgot I had a "secret" e-mail address this blog used to enable publishing entries via e-mail.  I believe that was the mechanism the offender(s) used.  How did they get the address?  Easy.  E-mail is super open as it traverses the Internet.  Blogger's "secret" addresses are quite easily identified and harvested.  Being able to blog by e-mail is convenient, but it needs to be locked down.  Be careful out there!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

We're driving through a forested area and Luke says: "Daddy, we're in a wooded jungle!"

Calls a plane "jumping joe jet".

Ava asked "Why is it called Phat Boyz?"

Luke: "Why is it taking a long time to eat and leave?"

"That's a silly man."

Ava: "I wish Spiderman would come to my house and hug me."

The staff was so sweet and generous. Gave us free dessert (sweet potato fries with marshmallow and caramel topping). The cook said his kids are the same age and love them. The 2 serving were so nice. The guy is awesome - exactly what I'd hope the boys to be: gentle, smart, earnest, and considerate. Good looking and tons of eye contact. Engaging in a completely real way.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Weird. We just had a hailstorm. Lasted for about 10 minutes. Not very intense, but a moderate shower of pea sized ice. We almost never get hail.
Luke sez "Daddy, this is the Food Dog." (Food Lion).

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lukey: I'm an airplane boy; I'm a big airplane boy!